Honoring Mystery ~ Randolph SanMillan

“Communing with the Divine"

With an open heart seeking guidance and looking for discovery, I began the process of creating these sculptures. While engaged in the work, I remained mindful of these guidelines, allowing the medium to slowly reveal what I was being offered. Although not having prayed nor meditated much, this approach made for such a lengthy period of time that I characterized my impression of the experience as: a year of prayer and meditation.

Throughout this process a cluster of ghostly like forms surrounded by flora recurred, creating a primeval like effect. The use of power tools was kept to a minimum, for the same reason that a back- hoe would not be used on an archeological site. The hand chisels and gouges had to be kept in very sharp condition, so that the surface left behind by the tool would require no additional work.

Science has been able to explain many mysteries, and however great our technological advances, giving us just a glimpse of the universe's mind-boggling vastness, life remains as mysterious as ever. Invisibility does not mean nonexistent, and the fact that we can't prove things we don't understand does not negate nor diminish their importance. We are the instrument required to reconnect to the sacred.

Just as the Tibetan Buddhist's ritual of creating and destroying their sand mandala functions as a reminder of the temporal nature of our physical body, my aim is for this series to be a concrete reminder. A reminder emphasizing that we are a continuation of our ancestry, and we are beneficiaries of their existence, their discoveries and sacrifices.

This body of work is my affirmation of the interconnectedness and many deep layered aspects of our communal Human experience. Honor Mystery!